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Yoga is a practice of meeting ourselves where and how we are. It is a practice of witnessing ourselves with honesty, compassion, and kindness. In doing so, we realize that we are not the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, or the roles we play.  There is a divine essence that has always been there which is our true identity.  We are then free to embrace our humanness, transform our pain into our power, and realize our highest potential. Enlightenment is not an improved, elevated state of being but rather it is the moment we realize that in our being, we are enough.  As a teacher, I am here to support you on your path of self-discovery and healing so that you learn to trust and act from your own inner guidance. 

Upcoming Yoga Events

  • September 30, 2017 - October 07, 2017

    Iceland Yoga Retreat with Angie Knight

    Akureyri, Northern Iceland

    We’re heading North! Iceland is one of the planet’s true gems. With a total population of only 330,000, Iceland has struck a perfect balance between a warm, welcoming culture and the raw, untamed beauty of its vast mountainous landscapes. While most toursist groups and cruise lines visit the southern capital city Reykjavik (where the majority of population is), we’ll be heading to 66°North Iceland to the town o...Read More ▸