About Angie

Angie Knight has studied yoga, shamanism, and other healing arts for over 16 years. She has taught thousands of public and private yoga classes and leads workshops, mentorships, trainings and retreats, both nationally and internationally.  She has studied various yoga lineages, but her main teacher has been her own practice, personal experience and life itself.  She considers herself a student of life and has learned to embrace what is happening in the moment as the ultimate guide to awakened living.  Her teaching is loving, compassionate, and empowering and she teaches from a place of connection rather than authority.

For years, she has coached and supported others in transforming their pain into their power, trusting their own inner guidance and living an authentic life.  Angie has spent 10 years developing her own unique way of teaching yoga and holding space for others.  She has had the honor of learning from hundreds of different teachers in her 17 years of yoga practice.  Her teaching background is a mixture of Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Shamanic/Energy Healing.  Angie’s skill lies in combining yoga and healing to facilitate transformation in her students, helping them remember their inherent wholeness and discover what makes them come alive.


  • "I have studied with hundreds of teachers over the past 15 years and Angie is one of my all time favorites. Her classes are never the same and she always seems to give you just what you need. She brings a spiritual energy to her classes that is unexplainable and you have to FEEL it for yourself. I find myself leaving her classes with more peace, creativity, and love...along with more physical ability for the asanas. I have seen her guide beginners and challenge more experienced practitioners and that is the sign of a great instructor!"
    Jana Owen, Austin TXSpeakerFreedom Personal Development
  • "Angie has worked with me to release and heal from long-held beliefs and trauma. In addition to being healing, her work is transformational, insightful, intuitive, and life changing. If you have the opportunity to work with Angie, you will be blessed beyond measure."
    Janet R., Austin TX
  • "To study with Angie, is to connect with the sacred. Her classes are seamless, allowing students to feel supported enough to explore their own boundaries, both physically and spiritually. She is simultaneously attuned to each student and the class as a whole. As a regular student of hers, she can always sense when I need a bit of extra attention; I know her other students feel the same. My most profound experiences, though, have come through private sessions with her. I have seen her for asana instruction and shamanistic healing ceremonies. Each time I've met with her, I have felt that primal connection with something higher. Upon leaving each appointment, something magical always seems to occur. It's as if Angie is a gateway to the sacred; she opens up and allows you in. I feel truly blessed to have her in my life."
    Phoebe, Austin TX
  • "As an avid traveler, I have practiced yoga in most of the countries I've visited. But now that I'm settled in Austin, I've had the chance and honor to practice yoga with Angie almost every week. What impresses me the most about her classes is that it's a strengthening experience for both body and mind! She always makes me feel grounded and so inspired when I leave the class. Angie is one of the best instructors I have worked with and I recommend her to all of my friends every chance I get!"
    Rebecca McIntyre, Austin TX
  • "I leave Angie's classes feeling strengthened. On the outside, it's a physical strength and containment resulting in better posture and ease. On the inside, it's an inspired and spacious feeling that makes me grateful to be alive. She is masterful, anatomically safe, precise and intuitive. She is also one of those amazing teachers that combines permissiveness with modifications to help people safely through times of injury or pain. No matter what is happening in my life, I trust that going to one of Angie's classes will shift my energy in a positive direction."
    Kristen Ude DC, Austin TXIntegrated Chiropractic Wellness
  • "I love going to your classes because you blend the spiritual aspect of yoga with the physical in a really beautiful way that is exhilarating for the body, but also restorative for the soul. It is easy to find good technical yoga teachers in Austin, but much harder to find teachers who combine technical skill with good teaching ability and, most important to me, a sense of the broader practice of yoga, of which asanas are just one part. I love the way you integrate readings into class, and the way you use music to inspire practice. I've been to a couple of your classes which included live music, which I think is really creative and awesome and somehow so appropriate for Austin! You are gifted at creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable whatever their practice level or mood, and your classes cultivate community and kindness. You bring humor, humility, and joy to your teaching, and I feel very, very lucky to be able to practice with you!"
  • "I have been practicing yoga for a little over 2.5 years now and I wanted to take a moment to thank you, Angie! Your unbelievable intuition, gentle guidance, and spiritual nature have deepened my practice beyond belief! You come to class with such openess and purity. You use your own experience and knowledge to help us understand our own. You speak and teach with truth, authenticity, and love. Your workshop on the chakras was more than was REAL. Using your own life as a reference made the entire experience tangible. It amazed me that you were so honest in your sharing, but that is what I truly love about you! With your readings before each practice, you center us and give us a true understanding of what Yoga is. But more than that, you show us what Yoga does! I can't thank you enough for not only being who YOU are, but for helping me, through your classes, find out who I am! It is an honor and a privilege to not only practice with you, but to know you! You are one incredible woman, Angie, and I am so very grateful for YOU! Stay on this wonderful is leading you in a divine direction and we all get to share the ride! Whoooo Hooooo!"
    Kathy Jacobs
  • "In the classroom, Angie provides the guidance and space which allows me to discover my unique mind body connection."
    Keith, Austin TX
  • "I take Vinyasa Yoga from Angie at various Yoga Yoga studios here in Austin, and I see her as a top-notch instructor. She balance student inputs that she gathers at the start of class with a lightness of approach during class, and my sense of her core objective is to lead a yoga for Real Human Beings. However, the true kernel of why I enjoy her classes so much is her "having each student's spiritual back", freeing us to shed our outer "social skin", and tune into a personal and also a shared awareness. I attribute her ability to do this to a deeply-rooted awareness and compassion, and to the totality of her training which flows from that."
    Zach S., Austin TX
  • "I leave Angie's classes a better person, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. She has a loving, caring nature that she shares during each class while also gently leading her students to a new place in their practice. Time spent with Angie is a true blessing."
    Kennon, Austin TX
  • "Over the last two years, I've frequented Angie's classes and taken private lessons. Like good restaurants, her classes and events have a strong following of regulars. As a skilled yoga practitioner with that inner spiritual core, she's helping me regain my balance between both my body and my mind. Angie's sense of humor shines in private sessions."
    Tom Austin, TX
  • "Angie has been a huge inspiration in my life. She is very insightful which has helped me to open my mind. Through Angie, I have learned just how much the mind is connected to our body and that we must heal from the inside out. Her yoga classes open the door for students to connect with their mind and body. They are both challenging and fun while encouraging you to go inside yourself. I highly recommend Angie as both a yoga teacher and a healer."
    Katie S.